Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Evolution of Madness

Videogames! Not everything needs to be about them. Indeed, this whole post will be about something rather different, despite obvious crossovers in contextual similarity. Every now and then I find myself editing a quick video to represent some of my thoughts. This post details one such incident.

As much as I think mass human conflict (or war) is completely insane and an absolute waste of life and resources, I cannot help but feel intrigued by the topic. In short, this video shows a brief history of human conflict, reflected via the use of footage from both movies and actual footage from periods of war. The video starts off with a focus on the former, and ending with the latter, hopefully bringing light to the fact that war in cinema is based on real, historic events that should be taken seriously. I say this because I know certain people that, for example, don't know that Hitler was a real person, or don't understand certain aspects of cultures and societies today. I consider this ignorance to be a travesty and evidence of a problem in modern day education and priorities.

The video is inspired heavily by the original Do The Evolution animated music video, which has a similar vibe and theme. It is meant to be an anti-war video, hopefully exposing the madness of war and revealing facts such as our marriage with technology for dealing death. While I think mankind has come a long way from our homo-sapien cousins, we are but a few steps out of the cave when it comes to matters of pride, ego and theism. Until there is a fundamental change in the way we think about ourselves, our future and our place in the universe, war will continue to be a part of human life. At this point it is still both habitual and instinctive.

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