Saturday, April 12, 2014

More like Diabro

It appears that Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is taking up most of my gaming time these days. Rightly so as well, as it is an amazing expansion to the Diablo universe and probably one of the more solid cooperative multi-player experiences on the market at the moment. While there are some minor issues I have with the game, mainly regarding loot and class changes, the new dynamic game content and Australian servers more than make up for it.

Admittedly though, most of the content in Reaper of Souls is for the max level player. While you can level a Crusader and experience Act 5 at some point during your playthrough, you won't get your money's worth unless you are actually interested in endgame content. While the new adventure mode is available for all levels of character, the total legendary item list including crafted, set and difficulty specific ones are only available at 70 in torment difficulty levels. Gambling bloodshards for items and tweaking them using the mystic are good time and money sinks, albeit frustrating ones at times.

With the removal of the Auction House and the introduction of Bind on Account gearing comes the further emphasis on group play, even more so than in vanilla. Such a focus has inspired me to create a clan to allow for easy communication between friends and friends of friends. I have called the clan 'Dread Berserkers', taken from the name of one of my more dominant armies in Rome II: Total War. It is currently at a comfortable total of 25 members, with all degrees of gearing, leveling and interest between members. This diversity is refreshing and allows members to help each other no matter where they are in the chain. While I never expected to be a leader of anything in Diablo, it has been an enjoyable and pressure-less task thus far. One of the ongoing weekend activities we seem to be doing at the moment is 'weekend Ubers'. The video below shows our latest attempt. I recommend watching at 1080p.

Special thanks to hotpies, Onthax and BlueMneme for participating in this week's attempt.

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