Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fight Night

The genre of fighting games is the one and only genre of games I fully advocate playing on a console. While you could play it on other platforms, such as the PC, the console controller and especially the arcade stick are both superior peripherals for THAT genre type. You could argue that you can easily attach these devices to your PC, but nothing beats sitting around a large TV with a group of friends, eating pizzas and drinking terribly unhealthy soft/energy drinks (or even alcohol) while attempting to beat them bloody. Virtually, of course.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has recently been released and a short notice 'fight night' I organised seemed to be quite successful.While no one (including myself) was particularly good at the game, it still managed to be entertaining, mostly in a rather "lolwtf" way. While I would love it if people became slightly interested to the point where they practice a bit and become somewhat competitive, I know that it is probably too demanding to ideally expect that. However, I am content and happy that people can come together and at least enjoy beating the crap out of one another. Truly we are an evolved species.

Part of the problem with becoming good at a game like Tekken is that it still, even today, rings true with that camel hump of a graph I have on my wall, both at home and uni. The general idea of the graph is that, as you become better at playing a fighting game, you actually become less successful for a period of time. At least against the people who are button mashing. I think unconsciously people know this already, even with other fighting games, and that time-sink of doing worse then when you were button mashing is not a dip in enjoyment most casual people are willing to enter. I can't say I blame them either because to get out of that camel hump requires an enormous amount of effort and dedication, something I feel I have only ever committed once to a fighting game and then only became on-par with the best  (worst?) of the mashers. While fighting games will always be a genre I love and while I have a lot of respect and awe for the people who become good at them, I also know that playing casually with friends is more important. Which is what I think I will try to encourage.

On another note, the previous video was the first gameplay footage I have recorded from my PS3 using my Blackmagic Intensity Pro HDMI capture card. A ... lengthy process in figuring out everything required, but in the end I think it is worth it. I look forward to experimenting with the technology further and possibly making more console, fighting game related videos in the future.