Saturday, December 21, 2013


I recently hit Paragon level 100 on my Barbarian in Diablo III. It has been a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable process, with Hellfire runs around Paragon level 20 to Crypt runs and speed farming from level 80 onwards. I have played with some great people on the way. Real life friends (both old and new), friends of friends, friends of friend's friends, complete randoms (some now friends) and even a cousin and his friends from Malaysia. I have dabbled with the AU/NZ Diablo community and made some great friends there too. It would seem that friends are one of the most important aspects of playing a game like Diablo III, especially for staying motivated throughout endgame. Hopefully the same community experience, both local and national, can continue in Reaper of Souls.

Nevertheless, after over 800,000 demon kills and an embarrassing amount of hours, I think I can finally put my Barbarian to rest. At least for the moment. A short break, if you will. Perhaps I will see what max level is like in Path of Exile in the meantime. I will need to retain my sanity if I am going to do it all again on my Demon Hunter.

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