Sunday, November 17, 2013

I have ridden the mighty moon worm!

Good for me, right? Oh my yes, the mighty moon worm. I could explain to you what this is and why its a wonderful, beautiful thing, but I think the only person who would read this blog and appreciate it is me. But that's totally ok! The moon worm loves each and every one of you!

So anyway, I made a video. Pretty standard reason for a post appearing on this blog. Why talk about it when you can watch it instead? The first reason for this video's existence was complete and utter boredom. Historically though, boredom has never been a bad thing. Some of the best creations in this world are the result of boredom. One need only ask their parents for verification of that.

The second reason being some criticism that my videos are always so serious in nature. While light-hearted or funny videos have never been the point of my video making, I would like to point out that some are of this nature already (for example Skyrim Space Program). Nevertheless, I'll show you, you anonymous critic you ...

The final reason is because I am still (yes STILL!!!) playing Diablo III and because the Reaper of Souls expansion nerfs are just around the corner, I thought I would make a video of some of the builds I discovered/use. All are viable in Inferno MP10, the game's hardest difficulty. Often regarded as one of the game's flaws, Diablo 3's build diversity is in my opinion one of the most appealing things about the game. The vast majority of these builds will become obsolete when the expansion comes out, so having some record of them now is nice.

Recommend watching in 720p+.

While I would stress that these builds are the result of meticulous attention to EHP (i.e. tankiness) before lolol-faceroll-DPS (as evidenced by the video's outro), I'm sure no one gives a hoot. More power to me I guess. Now then, if you will excuse me, I have a moon worm to ride, complete with cow bells.

For the confused: The original Double Tornado Barbarian build was discovered by myself and a few others back in the day. I dubbed it 'Riding the Walrus', quoted from Futurama. Now that fury generation is going to be a problem in RoS, I created a build that could still work without Into the Fray. The result was Bloodshed Tornado, potentially superior to Double Tornado and likely viable in RoS. I dub it 'Riding the Moon Worm', also a reference from Futurama.

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