Sunday, July 3, 2016

All of teh videos!

Well, that is interesting. Despite working full-time now, I still seem to be video editing as much as I used to. What I have not been doing is using those videos as my standard excuse to write some dribble on this blog. In the last few months I have edited and uploaded more videos than I can sensibly discuss, so I might just describe the few that are more interesting and leave the rest for people to explore themselves.

Yeah, that,
Anyways, thing. Doom. Doom was a video game released in 1993. Doom was also released in 2016. Funny how that works. Seriously though, Doom (2016) was pretty darn good. It seems that after years and years of the same, stale COD style shooters, the industry is finally turning its head back and looking to the past for inspiration. As far as the single-player goes, Doom pays decent homage to its roots, but is not afraid to inject it with a degree of modern shooter jazz. Not the ironsights, health-regenerating, cover system crap. Interesting stuff like weapon enhancements and different movement speed options. It is at least refreshing and provides you with some choice as you duck, weave, rip and tear through the hordes of hell. It is a fast game. It is a gory game. It is a game with serious attitude. But perhaps most importantly ... it is a AAA game, and a markedly successful one at that. Hopefully this bodes well for the return of the arcade/arena shooter to popular mainstream.

Interestingly, Blizzard also seem to be dipping their toes into similar waters. Overwatch, a game resurrected from the corpse of Titan, Blizzard's next MMORPG, is also a multiplayer FPS game that goes against the grain of mainstream. Like Doom, it is arcade-like, moderately paced, colourful and, in typical Blizzard fashion, very addictive. Riding on the shoulders of Team Fortress 2, it is very much the evolution of the class-based shooter. Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of Overwatch is just how polished the game feels, from the environmental design to the minor nicks and scratches on the heroes armour. The heros themselves are quite varied and it is easy to find yourself gelling with several of them over the course of play. There is likely a heroes play style for everyone, although it is best if your familiarise yourself with several, between role types if possible. As enjoyable as the game can be, most of my losses can be attributed to poor team composition. There is nothing more annoying than having 3 sniper heroes, 2 defense heroes and a tank (me) trying to assault an objective. Very few people are interested in playing a healer, which gets tedious when you have to play as one every second game.

Anyways, that might do for the immediate moment. I shall do another post in the near future involving the other videos I have edited.

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