Saturday, August 24, 2013


Like the game content I produce for personal or tutoring purposes, I have been incredibly reluctant to bring up my PhD research in any public place. Even a blog. However, as my PhD is (hopefully) coming to an end in the next few months, I do not see the harm in bringing it up in the form of a video I made for conferences and speeches.

My PhD is based around modeling certain player-like behaviour that is lacking in FPS bot AI and implementing it in games in a way that does not fundamentally change how typical AI systems (e.g. Finite State Machines) work. Within a plethora of possible player-like activities to improve on, such as my honours focus on a bot aiming system, I chose the somewhat vague and confusing idea of the 'threat' that players experience in games. For some reason, some people have difficulty understanding and swallowing what it is that I am talking about when I talk about threat in games. Maybe it depends on the type of games you play and how you think you play them. Hopefully this video shall aid in the digestion of the topic.

While this video talks primarily about the theory and design of the bot AI I have created, it should be noted that the entire game environment the AI exists in was designed from scratch too, as well as the default/base AI behaviour. This was not a game I just dumped my finalized ThreatBot AI into over an existing AI system, but developed from the ground up with attention to detail. This is a personal design choice, to see if a game can be developed from scratch to support the technology, but also to practice solo game development. Even now, with Australia's failing games economy, it is something I would love to get into.

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