Friday, January 18, 2013

Ultrakill LAN 2013!!!

From the 11-13th of January, 2013, I hosted the third Ultrakill LAN I have ever hosted. While I personally was a little disappointed (for some reason), most of the participants reported an enjoyable time. It was also the most expensive, largest and undoubtedly the hottest LAN I have ever hosted at $160+ (not including electricity), 14 participants and 37 degrees celsius respectively. We even managed to overload one of our 15A circuits, blowing two fuses and needing to buy new one's mid LAN. Fun times.

The following video is only a small fraction of the games that were played, but probably were the most enjoyable overall. As usual, the perspective in the video is mainly mine. However there are plenty of instances of me getting killed by almost everyone else who attended.

 Because of the insane heat, I have decided I will not be hosting Ultrakill LANs during the summer anymore, moving them pretty well directly in the middle of winter. Depending on how things go, I may host one this coming winter, though probably on a smaller scale.

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