Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enta Teh Dagron!

People often ask me what I find so enjoyable about fighting games. I am not really 'good' at them by any means, or at least any more, but I do know they can create some of the best group gaming moments that I can remember. When you have 2-10 people screaming at a television set, mashing almost broken fingers over controllers in frustration wording profanities your mother would go into cardiac arrest over, you know that it has to be a winning formula. It has been for many years. Whether it be Tekken's juggling, Dead or Alive's ... jiggling (:D), Mortal Kombat's Fatalities or even the kooky MvC2's group nuking combos, the majority of the more memorable fights simply turn into who pulls off the last move, who blocks it, who doesn't and who inevitably goes flying across the other side of the screen. It is something I think that latest Street Fighter game/s capture quite well. This short post demonstrates some of the many new Ultra Combos one can push into their best friend's faces again and again (and again and again and again, from different angles!) in the upcoming Super SFIV, coming late April this year to consoles.

I would recommend turning your volume down....

Sure you can!

Her doe can...

In mother Russia, gravity obeys laws of you!

Bringing a knife to a ... normal fight (...?)

[Insert terrible one-liner here]

Yeah.... that

So yes. Next time someone you know is being a bit of a toss pot, just recall the combination of your most powerful fighting game move and remember to school them next time you play them in the game. Or in real life if you prefer...

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Bobsko said...

It is a Bison dollar! It will be worth five British Pounds, for that is the exchange rate I will set with their bank once I have kidnapped their Queen!!!